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Feeling Unmotivated? Try These Tips & Tricks to Get Back on Track

You had a vision for your career. But now, you’re barely making it through the day. You’re tired, bored, and unmotivated to do more than the bare minimum. What can you do to get your spark back and get your career on track? Here are some tips and tricks to help you. Plan each day.… Read More »

How to Respond to an Interview Question You Don’t Know the Answer To

Job interviews are stressful for even the most seasoned candidate. What’s even more nerve-wracking is when you’re asked a question you don’t know the answer to. What can you do to make sure you’re not left scrambling – sabotaging your hard work? Here are a few measures you can take to deal with this tricky… Read More »

Why You Need to Laugh Out Loud Often

Laughter is the best medicine. It’s a saying we all know, but is it really true? While it might not always be the best medicine, there is scientific evidence that it’s really good for us. Here’s what to know about laughing and its many benefits. Laughter improves your physical and mental health. Laughter helps the… Read More »

How Recruiters Can Help You Land a Job That Will Make You Smile

Is your job search giving you a headache? Are you tired of applying and hearing nothing back? Think you aced the interview only to get rejected? These are all common complaints for job seekers. However, you can stop feeling like you’re sending your resume into an Internet black hole, and actually take a more effective… Read More »

How to Maintain a Work Life Balance When Life Gets Busy

Maintaining a healthy balance in your personal and professional life is more challenging than ever in today’s hectic world. Technology is supposed to make life easier and yet, it can often remove the boundaries between home and work, creating added stress in the process. However, working toward better balance is important for a healthy life.… Read More »

5 Reasons Why You Should Look to a Recruiter for Your Next Job

Unemployment is high and companies are desperate to hire. Yet, finding the job that is the right fit for you is still a challenge. You have to spend hours sifting through job postings, creating a tailored resume for each one, and waiting to hear back. It’s a nerve-wracking process, but one that can be made… Read More »

How to Write the Perfect Cover Letter

The good news? There’s a shortage of workers across the U.S. and right here in Metro Atlanta, meaning jobs abound. The bad news? There’s still plenty of competition for the best opportunities. If you want to land your dream job, you therefore need to persuade the hiring manager you’re a great fit. A cover letter… Read More »

The key to developing better personal relationships at work

Work, like all things in life, involves relationships with other people. Even if you work remotely, you’ll have coworkers and your boss relying on you each day for various tasks and responsibilities. Your work is directly linked to the progress of others, and in order for company processes to move along smoothly—everyone needs to get… Read More »