A comment from our President & CEO

HAPPINESS…the feeling of great pleasure, is the theme of our living and the theme of our operations.

HAPPINESS…universal and welcomed everywhere and by everyone.

HAPPINESS…underlines our business structure and our principles.

You may wonder what geometry has to do with running a staffing business, but I’d like to talk for a minute about the equilateral, or “regular” triangle. It features corner angles equal in measure and sides equal in length. It is balanced and stable, a shape of integrity. We at Snelling Georgia hold an inverted equilateral triangle as a symbol of our approach: our staff at bottom point, upholding and in service to our customers and our employees.

The hard work, loyalty, dedication, and accomplishment—the servant leadership—of the Snelling Georgia staff is what keeps our triangle grounded and upright, especially through tumultuous times. We’ve got a loyal and committed team here and I am grateful for and learn from their perseverance every day. Together, we put that commitment and perseverance to work balancing the needs of the equal (equi-) sides (-lateral) of our business—our customers and our employees. Our hope is that this balanced vision and approach is community-building work, community-strengthening work. The equilateral triangle models what for us are non-negotiables: honesty, integrity, fairness, and goodwill. We defend it by insisting on those values. We take this seriously.

The rampant mistruths surrounding recent elections sought to divide and destabilize the efforts of the community represented by the triangle. When it became clear those mistruths sought to tip it, to characterize us and our work as somehow “out of balance” or “irregular,” it was time to go on the offensive. This team works too hard in service to our vision to not voice and insist on truth. We “went high” and have risen above these threats.

With each day, the cloud of misrepresentation and aspersion associated with recent elections moves further in our rearview. My vision is clear as we move into 2022. We at Snelling Georgia are bringing major improvements to our operations and returning our energy to its rightful focus on service, and on maintaining the balance—equilaterally—that will bring prosperity to all corners of our work.

In Service,

Michael Hairston