Why You Need to Laugh Out Loud Often

Laughter is the best medicine. It’s a saying we all know, but is it really true? While it might not always be the best medicine, there is scientific evidence that it’s really good for us. Here’s what to know about laughing and its many benefits.

Laughter improves your physical and mental health.

Laughter helps the tissue lining in your blood vessels to expand, which increases blood flow. It also eases tension by relaxing the muscles throughout your body. It releases dopamine, which helps the brain to experience a feeling of pleasure, and serotonin, which works to boost your mood. Laughter even triggers endorphins that better regulate pain and stress.

Laughter improves your relationships.

Laughter offers a way to bond with your family, friends, and even strangers. It can also promote healthier relationships between family members and help you to build friendships with new people.

Laughter helps you cope with stress.

A sense of humor can help you to de-stress and better cope with everyday life challenges. It can put problems into perspective and help to minimize the impact of adverse effects on your mental, emotional, and even physical well-being.

Laughter boosts your immune system.

Laughing can make your immune system stronger. When we’re chronically stressed, we’re at a higher risk for illness and infection. However, infusing humor into everyday life can help to prevent stress from affecting the immune system, shielding you from disease.

Some additional benefits of laughter include:

  • It rids the lungs of old, residual air and replaces it with oxygen-rich, fresh air, improving respiratory health.
  • It sharpens your ability to remember things, boosting your memory in the process.
  • It helps you to better regulate your emotions during difficult circumstances.
  • It helps to stay better engaged, so you actually learn faster.

In a day and age when the only news seems to be bad news, strive to laugh more often. Share funny jokes or memes with your friends and family members. Watch light-hearted movies or comedians performing online. Try to see the funny side of serious situations, so you can diffuse them a little. Even better, laughter is contagious, so when you laugh, you can actually have a positive impact on someone else.

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