5 Reasons Why You Should Look to a Recruiter for Your Next Job

Unemployment is high and companies are desperate to hire. Yet, finding the job that is the right fit for you is still a challenge. You have to spend hours sifting through job postings, creating a tailored resume for each one, and waiting to hear back. It’s a nerve-wracking process, but one that can be made easier with the help of a recruiter. Here’s how:

#1: A recruiter can better market you.

Writing an excellent cover letter and resume are key to finding your next job. So too is acing your interview. If you’re like most candidates, though, this is a challenging experience and you might not always know the best way to position yourself and your background. A recruiter can help. They know what hiring managers are looking for and can help you polish your resume, cover letter and interview skills with this in mind.

#2: A recruiter can give you access to hidden jobs.

There are many jobs that aren’t advertised and simply filled through recruiters or referrals. If you don’t work with a professional recruiter, you won’t be able to tap this hidden job market. In addition, you might be discounting yourself from certain roles because you think you’re not the right fit. However, a recruiter can assess your background, skills, and abilities in an objective way, so they can connect you to jobs you’re best-suited for.

#3: A recruiter has expert knowledge and inside information.

Recruiters recruit all the time. They have a network of contacts and relationships plus insider knowledge of the companies you’re applying to. They can also give you a better sense of which opportunities are a fit for your personality and lifestyle needs, so your next job is an excellent fit. If you’re thinking about switching jobs or industries, a recruiter can even help make the move easier.

#4: A recruiter will keep in touch.

When you work with a recruiter, you can say good-bye to the days of waiting for an email or phone call from a potential employer. You’ll be in regular touch with your recruiter and can hear back faster after interviews. Even if you didn’t get a specific job, the recruiter will often be able to get some feedback from the hiring manager so you know why you didn’t receive an offer. This can provide you with valuable insight and lessons that will help you in your search.

#5: A recruiter wants you to find a great job.

When you work with a recruiter, you have someone advocating on your behalf for the best-fit jobs. They can promote your background to potential employers, as well as guide and advise you, so you know what to expect and can always put your best foot forward.

Ready to look to a recruiter for your next job?

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