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How to Turn a Career Obstacle into a Career Growth Opportunity

How to Turn a Career Obstacle into a Career Growth Opportunity from Snelling Georgia Group When in search of your next job, you may experience minor setbacks. Maybe you’re having a hard time finding an opportunity, or maybe you haven’t been called for an interview. No matter how much it seems that life is pushing… Read More »

Is It Time to Rethink and Redevelop Your Employee Referral Program?

Employee Referral Programs are brilliant in theory. They save you the time and money of searching for new hires by asking the experts (your own, hardworking employees!) to bring them to you. This way, you’ll automatically have staff who get along. Plus, if a productive, upbeat worker vouches for someone they know, it stands to… Read More »

Get Your Employees to Work Smarter, Not Harder

The human mind and body are magnificent tools. But, just like any machine, they need regular maintenance for peak performance. As an employer, you expect your staff to work at a high level of productivity—and you can take several steps to help them along and avoid burnout. By suggesting five important work smart tips, you… Read More »

Setting Challenging (but Manageable) Business Goals for 2016

Companies can achieve great things by challenging themselves to do more than their competitors. However, when setting business goals to help your business grow and advance, it’s also important to make your goals realistic. To do this, you’ll need to consider the resources you have available and work within those parameters. And with 2016 fast… Read More »

4 Confirmed Ways to Improve Employee Retention

You’ve worked hard to find your staff. You’ve spent countless hours posting job openings, interviewing and on-boarding all the right workers. So after all that time—and time, as they say, is money—you want to hold onto your talent. In fact, employee retention should be one of your most important goals, and you should have a… Read More »

Use an Internship to Catapult Your Career

Small efforts can add up to big rewards! By choosing to participate in an internship, you can gain valuable working knowledge and position yourself ahead of others vying for the same jobs. If an internship is available in your desired career field, you may want to take it! Consider the following job-boosting benefits of an… Read More »