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How to Turn a Career Obstacle into a Career Growth Opportunity

How to Turn a Career Obstacle into a Career Growth Opportunity from Snelling Georgia Group When in search of your next job, you may experience minor setbacks. Maybe you’re having a hard time finding an opportunity, or maybe you haven’t been called for an interview. No matter how much it seems that life is pushing… Read More »

Are You Looking for a Job in All the Right (or Wrong) Places?

Are you looking for a job in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area? If so, you have a multitude of resources available to you—and many are at your fingertips. With just an internet connection, you can breeze through files upon files of job listings available in Atlanta and surrounding areas. Here’s where you need to find your… Read More »

Four Common Traits of Employees Who Get Promoted

You may be wondering what you can do to get promoted. If you’re looking to advance in your job, you can take steps to develop the qualities that employers look for when promoting staff. If you have these common traits when an advanced position opens up at your company, it’s much easier to promote from… Read More »

Career Transition Tips for Atlanta Professionals

Looking for a career change? If you’re a mid-career professional, you may be looking for something new and different. Also, in today’s economy, you may have suffered a layoff or setback. If this is the case, a new career path may be just the thing for you. Before you embark on the road towards a… Read More »