How to Create Job Ads That Will Attract the Right Candidates

You have to do more than list all the criteria on a job posting. A laundry list of requirements won’t do much to attract top talent. And with today’s tight labor market and a shortage in workers, you have to do all you can to appeal to top candidates.

It all starts with your job posting. Here are some tips and best practices that are simple yet impactful you can keep in mind as you’re crafting yours.

Create a clear, optimized job posting.

In today’s tech-driven world, you need to appeal to candidates, as well as search engines. It’s why writing a clear and concise job posting is important, one optimized with keywords. This will help candidates to find your job posting and also make it sound as attractive as possible.

To do that, make sure you:

  • Use job titles and terms that are standard to the industry you work in. These are likely what candidates will be using when searching for jobs.
  • Format your posting in a way that makes it easy to read and scan quickly. Think bold-faced fonts for subheads and bullet points underneath.
  • Skip the hyperbole, like “seeking our next sales star” and just cover the facts.
  • Discuss what’s appealing about the job and your company, so candidates know what’s in it for them.

Define the role and tasks.

One of the biggest mistake employers make is creating a generic job description, leading to an onslaught of resumes from poor-fit candidates. Avoid this by being clear when it comes to the responsibilities of the role and the tasks and duties. Don’t include every single job duty, just the main ones, around four to six bullets. This will give a potential candidate an accurate picture of what daily life in the job would be like.

Don’t include obvious requirements.

Stating that a candidate “must be able to meet tight deadlines” is superfluous. Most jobs require this and stating it simply wastes space. Instead, think of the absolute “must-have” skills and abilities for the role and focus on these in your job posting.

Be transparent about compensation.

When you’re open about compensation, you’re more likely to get candidates applying who are the right fit. Listing a salary range and benefits can help to filter out candidates who are looking for something different. Consider including any unique perks, like telecommuting, gym memberships, or year-end bonuses as well to further strengthen your posting and stand out.

Use examples of projects.

To attract the best-suited candidates, list an example of a project they would be responsible for or working on if hired. You can also touch on recent projects that have been completed by your company and pertain to the role. This will not only paint a clear picture of what the job is like, but can also create enthusiasm among the best candidates.

Discuss your company culture.

A unique company culture can help you appeal to top talent. So if there’s something different you do, like half days on Fridays during summer, then promote it in your job posting. Another area to focus on that’s important to many candidates? Flexibility. If you offer scheduling flexibility, such as the option for remote work or a hybrid schedule, talk about it in your job posting.

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