Why you should start looking for a job NOW if you want a new one in the fall

If you’re recently graduated or looking towards the summer to relax, you might not want to slow down your job search right now. Sure, it may seem like a good idea to relax during the “lazy days” of summer, and pick your job search back up in the fall. But the truth is, if you’re hoping to be employed by September, the best time to start looking is right now!

Keep your momentum

If you’re recently graduated, you’re probably still amped up after final exams, projects, internships and graduation. You can take advantage of that hard-working mentality and help it launch you into your job search. Then, take a break for a week or so after you’re hired and rest easy that you’ll be a gainfully employed part of the workforce as the leaves start to change.

It may take a second to find something you like

Also remember that you may need to do some looking and go on a few interviews (or maybe more than a few!) before you find the right job for you. And this is much easier and less stressful when you have the summer stretching out before you—rather than scrambling when it’s “crunch time” and the fall has already begun.

Be ready for the push

Many companies begin a hiring push in the fall, so if you weren’t able to find something over the summer, you’ll be one step ahead of everyone else. Your resume and cover letter templates will be ready, you’ll have your power suits in your closet and plenty of interview practice under your belt. That is a much better position to be in than taking the summer off and entering the fall completely unprepared.

Get the help you need

Not sure where to start? It’s OK—finding a new job is a big task! And when faced with a big task, it’s good to have help in your corner. That’s where a recruiter comes in. Your recruiter will work with you to understand your skills and career goals, and help you find something that fits. This includes resume help and interview practice, too.

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