Four Social Recruiting Tips to Attract Top Talent

Highly qualified, motivated and hard-working employees are every employer’s dream. But they can be really hard to find. Why?

First, they may not be looking for a new job. It’s totally possible they’re happily employed already. With a job they love, working away, not noticing your job posts. OR they were looking for a job, but were quickly scooped up by another employer. So they weren’t available too long.

This creates a problem. How do you find this type of employee, and how do you lure them away from their current work?

Lucky for you, social media is out there. Also lucky for you—most people use it. So one of the easiest ways to find top talent is to get active on social media and get them to notice you.

Social Recruiting Strategies

One of the leading providers of jobs hiring in Atlanta offers four easy ways to find and attract highly qualified candidates on social media:

Join discussions in groups where they might hang out.

This is a three-step process, but it can definitely help you get noticed by potential candidates. First, search on Facebook or LinkedIn for groups that might be interesting to talent in your industry. Second, you may need to request access to the group. And last, once you’ve joined, you’ll get notifications when others post—and you’ll be able to respond. Be sure to offer valuable advice and information, and always post from your company account for name recognition.

Harness the power of multiple social channels.

Don’t put your job opportunity eggs all in one social basket. When you post a job opening, use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social sites to get the word out. Most people use social media but not everyone uses every channel, so take advantage of all.

Use hashtags.

This can help your posts be noticed by visitors viewing related posts. Choose hashtags related to your industry, or to the groups or pages where your key candidates hang out. Do a little research to see what tags similar employers are using.

Partner with a recruiter.

If this sounds overwhelming, have no fear. A partnership with a staffing agency can go a long way in your quest! Recruiters do this stuff all day, every day—so they’ll be able to help you make the most of your time and efforts.

Atlanta Talent Hunting

If you’re in search of talent in the Atlanta metropolitan area and could use some guidance, check out Snelling Georgia Group. To learn more about our available services, contact us today!

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