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Finding the passion: How to work with your team to make them excited to show up every day

Motivating Your Workforce

Every employer wants a culture where employees want to be. It just makes sense. Happy and fulfilled employees work hard, love what they do, and contribute so much to the company’s goals and success. This past year has been really difficult on people, though, as we’ve all had to navigate changes, new processes, and ongoing… Read More »

Seven Strategies to Bring Your Introverted Employees Out of Their Shell

Motivating Your Introverted Employees

Your workforce is divided into two types of personalities—introverts and extroverts. Both are fairly easy to spot. Extroverts feel energized by the company of others and thrive in social situations. They’re comfortable speaking up at meetings and other gatherings and are often the first to share their thoughts and ideas.   Introverts are much the opposite.… Read More »