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Four Tips to Change Your Mood and Ensure Workplace Satisfaction

Sometimes, your job satisfaction can be as simple as your mood. A positive attitude can help you keep a spring in your step and a smile on your face. And employers prefer positive workers because they help to maintain great team synergy and a harmonious work environment. The good news is, you can take four… Read More »

Is Your Current Position Your Lifelong Career?

A job is a set of duties that you perform to earn a paycheck. You may work many jobs in the course of your career, which is a collection of all the jobs you’ve held on your path to your life’s work. Many people hope for a career about which they’re passionate and that they… Read More »

Breaking Out of a Rut in Your Job

Feeling lukewarm about your current job? Presenteeism—the state of being at work physically, but not engaged in what you’re doing—can greatly reduce your productivity and your feelings of fulfillment with your job. It may help to know that many people feel stagnated or stuck in their careers from time to time, but this can be… Read More »

Top Available Positions in Tucker, Georgia

Ready to advance your career in Tucker, Georgia? Seated mostly in Dekalb County, Tucker is just 15 miles outside of Atlanta. As such, it falls within the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. Living and working in Tucker, you’ll be able to experience all that it has to offer, with the added benefit of being just a short… Read More »

Avoid These Common Cover Letter Mistakes and Land the Job

A great cover letter can get you that much closer to an interview—and a new job. Your cover letter is ultimately a sales letter. It should make a potential employer interested in an important product—you! You can help improve your job search efforts by writing a well-crafted and well-planned cover letter. To do this, you… Read More »

Start Interviewing Your Interviewer with These Questions

You deserve a great job, but does that job deserve you? In a perfect world, all companies would be well-run, with managers who treat staff members as family and job roles that allow you to learn and grow. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. That’s why it’s important to treat your job interview as… Read More »

Looking for a Job This Year? Stop Putting it Off!

You deserve to be happy in your career. No one wants to drag themselves to a job they don’t like, day in and day out. If you’re currently no-so-happily employed, or even if you’re unemployed, there’s no reason you shouldn’t have a job you like. Yes, our economy is still somewhat sluggish, and yes, there’s… Read More »

Top Jobs in Stone Mountain, Georgia

Beautiful Stone Mountain, Georgia is a great place to begin—or continue—your career. As part of the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, Stone Mountain has an up-and-coming job market, giving workers access to the headquarters of multiple large corporations. To learn more about working and living in the Atlanta area, just click here. Looking for Work? Check out… Read More »

Five Work Lessons You Can Be Thankful For

Upon retirement, what pearls of wisdom will you share with your younger colleagues? Sometimes it only takes one person or one memorable piece of advice to change our career outlook for the better. During this season of giving thanks, take a moment to reflect on a few on-the-job lessons you may have learned—or have yet… Read More »

Living and Working in Newnan, Georgia

Newnan, Georgia (in Coweta County) is a great place to live and work! With employment on the rise and several major industries from which to choose, you may find just the job you’re looking for in Newnan. The city also boasts beautiful architecture, green space and Southern charm, so you’ll have plenty to do and… Read More »