How to Determine if an Available Position is Right For You

Which job is the right one for you? Choosing a position that matches your unique needs will help you achieve your career goals. The most important thing you can do is have a clear understanding of those goals. Then you must ask yourself a few important questions to help you evaluate your job prospects. Determining… Read More »

Staffing Up During Peak Periods to Meet Demands

Be prepared for your peak season! When your business processes are running smoothly, you will ensure timely delivery of your products or services, and will maintain the satisfaction of your customers. Relying on temporary staff can help you staff up during your busy season, but also prevent overstaffing once things slow back down. Staffing agencies… Read More »

Living and Working in Atlanta as an Accountant

Expand your accounting career in Atlanta! As one of the twelve largest metropolitan areas in the United States, Atlanta offers a growing job market, a reasonable cost of living, warm weather and Southern hospitality. Forbes magazine lists the city as number 22 on its list of the 100 best U.S. cities for business and career… Read More »

The Importance of Building Strong Business Relationships

Your business partnerships can make or break your company. To provide a high-quality end product, you need high-quality supplies, employees, management and communication. It is important to build positive relationships with companies that supply you with building blocks for success—supplies, human resources or information, for example.  How Strong Business Relationships Help Your Company. Your business… Read More »