What You Need to Do to Retain Your Employees Amid the ‘Great Resignation’

In today’s marketplace, retaining top employees involves going beyond a pay raise. Professionals are looking for more when it comes to their careers – and some companies are stepping up to offer it. It’s why, if you don’t have a retention strategy in place, you might find yourself facing unexpected turnover.

Instead of being taken by surprise by it, plan ahead of time to retain your key employees. Even during the “Great Resignation,” you can hang on to your staff with the following steps.

Talk to your employees.

Not everyone is the same when it comes to what’s important. For instance, a senior employee might not be interested in flexible hours, but is looking for help with money management and retirement planning. A junior employee could be looking for a place with flexible hours, a day care stipend, and generous PTO. It’s why talking to your staff to find out what’s important to them – and then offering the right-fit benefits – is key.

Make work-life balance a priority.

If you’re not recognizing that your employees have a life outside the office, then expect turnover. In fact, a lack of work-life balance is a primary reason why people are leaving their jobs in droves. The pandemic put things into perspective and balance has become a high priority for most people. Some ways to boost balance in the lives of your employees include by offering more paid time off, encouraging them to take vacation time, and enabling them to work from home or on a hybrid schedule.

Offer a wellness program.

Another area to focus on involves employees wellness. When employees work for companies that make their well-being a priority, they are more loyal. Some ideas for a program can include anything from mental health resources to free gym memberships, on-site yoga classes, healthy snacks and drinks in the kitchen area, and free money management webinars.

Help your employees advance.

Nobody wants to remain stagnant in their careers. It’s another key reason people quit to move onto greener pastures. In fact, today’s employees don’t simply look at learning and development programs as a “nice-to-have” perk, but an essential. When you offer a robust program, you’ll help your employees to build skills, develop leadership potential, and remain with your company for longer.

Conduct a stay interview.

If you suspect an employee is thinking about leaving, conduct a stay interview with them. This gives them an opportunity to discuss what they like and don’t like about their role with the company. You can also ask what areas they need support in and how they picture their career progressing. When they find out you’re more invested in them and their future, they will be less likely to leave.

Work with Snelling Georgia Group.

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