How might a staffing firm provide you with access to a better pool of open jobs?

Looking for a new job in 2022? You probably already know what a long process it is! First, you have to get your resume updated, and then draft your cover letter. Next, it’s time to look through job sites for possible open jobs. You might also get email notifications about open jobs you can apply to. And then comes filling in applications and sending resumes, with the hope you’ll be called for an interview. It’s a lot! We know. That’s why we recommend working with a recruiter in your job search.

How a recruiter helps

You may not realize it, but there are more open jobs out there than you’re finding posted on job sites. Ever wonder why? It’s because many companies work strictly with recruiters to fill open positions. This means many jobs never even hit sites like Monster, Indeed or LinkedIn. Instead, employers send the job description and qualification requirements to their staffing agency partner for help finding a candidate. But this can be good news for you!

Know where recruiters look

Aside from their own databases of talent, recruiters commonly visit LinkedIn to source possible candidates. It’s a good idea to keep your LinkedIn profile up to date, and enable the notification that you’re open to work. Then, if you’re contacted by a recruiter, you know you’re highly qualified for the position and more likely to land an interview than searching on your own.

Contact a recruiter

You can also reach out to a staffing agency to introduce yourself and let them know you’re looking. It helps to find an agency that specializes in your industry. Then, the recruiter will keep you on file and contact you when the perfect opportunity pops up! The amount of time is highly dependent on the type of job you’re looking for and what’s open.

Looking for a new job?

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