Leadership tips and ideas to get you motivated for 2022

If 2021 was an example for us all, employers should be worried about retaining employees in 2022. During the pandemic, workers have had a chance to pause and think about what they want—and for many, this has lead to quitting their jobs to find something else, or just to slow down a little bit. But through improved leadership, you can take steps to inspire your employees and encourage long-term employment with your company.

How to be a good leader in 2022

First, it’s important to understand what leadership means. Leaders work hard to understand their people and help them develop themselves, to be the best they can and follow their dreams. It’s equal parts inspiration, motivation and support. To be a good leader in the every-changing pandemic world, you’ll need to be understanding and compassionate, too.

Boost the company culture

If you’re an employer who allowed employees to work remotely, you may be faced with a few challenges. First, employees might feel disconnected from the workplace culture since their workplace has been their home. Or second, employees may have decided they like working from home and want it to continue, which makes expectations of returning to the office difficult.

Show employees they’re valued no matter where they work with ongoing communication. Meet for regular one-on-ones to check in with your staff, answer any questions, review job performance, offer support and review your expectations. Continue to develop talent by offering learning opportunities and job advancement.

Champion technology

Invest in technology that makes working from home possible and secure. This includes a virtual private network (VPN) for security against cyberattacks, plus adequate equipment for employees to do their jobs—no matter where they’re working from. Content management systems are another way for employees to stay organized and access files virtually. Offer hybrid work models if employees prefer to work from home.

Be understanding

This has been difficult on all of us. Adjusting to new working arrangements and complying with health and safety regulations have taken their toll. Understand that employees are doing their best, and check in with them. Share your own challenges and concerns. Show that you’re human while lending an ear.

Offer support

Mental health has declined during the pandemic, leading to stress, anxiety and depression. Offering services employees can use confidentially, such as an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and phone or video consults for mental health services, will show them you care and want the best for them.

Get motivated with top partners

Another way to lead employees into 2022 with confidence is through adequate staffing. And if you’re having a hard time finding new and qualified workers, let Snelling Georgia Group help. To learn more, contact us today!

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