We get it… everyone’s hiring. How can partnering with Snelling Georgia help you reduce your time to hire?

Looking to hire new employees, but short on time? It can take a month or more to complete the full hiring process, and an extra-long wait time can result in losing talent who simply lost interest waiting to hear back from you. The key is to find highly qualified and well-matched talent, which makes your decision much simpler—helping you reduce your time to hire.

A Staffing Agency Can Help

A staffing agency like Snelling Georgia Group makes it much easier to get new hires in place quickly. Staffing agencies and the recruiters they employ are experts at what they do, and this is great news when you need to staff up quickly. You’ll be able to find and place qualified talent much faster than sourcing them on your own.

Familiarity with the Candidate Pool

It makes sense that you’ll be able to place the right candidate much faster if you’re looking for the right person to match your required job qualifications. When you work with a staffing agency, the recruiter will work with you to understand your needs and be familiar with the types of knowledge, skills, and education a candidate will need to fill those qualifications. Plus, they’ll know all the right places to look.

Hiring Choices on File

Many candidates choose to work with recruiters to stay on the inside track of who’s hiring and what jobs are open. As a result, recruiters have a “to-go” file of possible candidates who might match your opportunity. Plus, they’re experts at sourcing passive candidates who may not currently be looking for work, but who matches your requirements and might be open to a new job.

End-to-End Hiring

If you’ve ever needed to fill an open job, you already know how long the process can be. From sourcing candidates to interviewing to screening and then extending offers—it can take a chunk of time if you’re not used to it. But staffing agencies are—and they do it every day! Depending on the agency you choose, you’ll be able to outsource some or all the steps in the hiring process. By putting the steps in the hands of experts, you’ll make it much faster to get new workers in place.

Check out Snelling Georgia Group!

We’re staffing experts in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, and we pride ourselves on making the best hiring matches. Our candidates find jobs they love, which means you have a solid employment match. To learn more about our available staffing services, contact us today!

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