Is your resume ready for 2022? These 4 trends will help you get hired

The job market is booming these days! If you’re ready to take advantage and find a new job, it helps to brush up on some resume trends for 2022. Take a few moments to get your resume cleaned up and ready to impress to help you land an exciting new job.

Four Ways to Update Your Resume for 2022

You can spruce up your resume with the following tips:

  1. Keep it brief. Most employers and hiring managers don’t spend a long time reading a resume. Especially now, as open positions are more available and they need to work harder to fill them. The best plan is to keep your resume to one page, with sections that are easy to scan for key information. The main sections to focus on are an objective/summary statement first, your work experience leading with your most recent job, your skills, and your education. Especially for 2022, if you have experience working remotely, include it. Many employers need to know if an employee is both comfortable and productive in a work-at-home setting.
  2. Tailor it to your industry. By now, you know that a generic resume is a no-go. You should already be tailoring your resume to each position to which you apply. But it also helps to tailor it to your industry. To do this, review the job requirements and be sure to include everything you have in your work history and skills sections—using the exact same terminology. This apples-to-apples comparison will make it easier for a hiring manager to review your resume to see if you’re a good match.
  3. Always proofread. Poor grammar and spelling are some of the top mistakes recruiters and employers notice in resumes. Not only does it make you look less professional and detail-oriented, but it’s also really easy to review and adjust to make sure your resume is error-free. Take a few extra minutes and use a spell- and grammar-check tool (like the one in Word) to help you.
  4. Include tech talk. Technology makes the world go ‘round and most jobs require you to understand it in some form or another. Show your technological competence by doing a little research to see what’s required of you for the job to which you’re applying. Then, be sure you list as many of those skills in your work experience and skills sections. This could include Microsoft Office, Outlook, Salesforce (or a similar client management platform), VPN (if you spent time working remotely and logging in virtually), Word Press, applicable social media sites as they relate to the job, and any technology that’s specific to your industry.

Don’t Forget Social Media

Though not technically part of your resume, your social media sites can be included as part of your job search strategy. Most employers and hiring managers will Google you as part of the screening process. Make sure your social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, Reddit, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. are clean and free from anything an employer could view and negative. Bonus points if your pages help to build your brand identity.

Need Guidance?

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