Can a staffing firm REALLY help you find a better job in Atlanta?

Looking for a new job in Atlanta? You might feel frustrated, and you’re not alone! There are quite a few steps involved in finding an open position, getting your paperwork ready (like your resume and cover letter), and preparing for your interview. It can feel overwhelming! But did you know working with a recruiter can help?

Why you should work with a recruiter in Atlanta

You might wonder if a staffing agency is right for you. You may also think that working with a staffing agency means you’ll be placed with a temp job—but that is simply not true! Staffing agencies can place you with just about any type of job you can think of, depending on what they specialize in. Some are more general and place candidates with a wide variety of options. Others are more specialized to just certain industries. The agency you choose should have experience placing candidates with jobs like the one you’re looking for.

The following three reasons are ways a recruiter can help you in your job search:

  1. Find a job faster. If you’ve been in the market for a new job for a bit, you already know the time it can take to find the right one. Staffing agencies can cut this time down because they have contacts throughout the industry and knowledge of lots of open jobs (even those not advertised to the public. So, you can see how this could make it easier and faster to find a new job than looking on your own.
  2. Improve your chances of being hired. Here’s the thing with recruiters—they work for their clients, and their clients are looking for new employees. They know their clients want to get people in place just as badly as you want to find a new job! It all comes down to time. So when a recruiter finds a perfect match for a job opening, they want to be sure it works out for the best—and they’ll work with you to spruce up your paperwork and get ready for your interview. In other words, when a recruiter gives you a heads up about a job opening, it’s because you’re a great match, and your chances of getting the job are really good.
  3. Network! Let’s say you’re not sure exactly what you want your next job to be, or you’ve applied for a temp-to-hire position. Staffing agencies offer all different kinds of hiring opportunities and, for you, this means the chance to learn and boost your resume. You might be looking for a direct-hire position, or you might want to try work in a totally different industry through a temp position. You may also want to apply for a temp-to-hire position, which means you could be offered the job permanently (and you also get the chance to decide if the job is for you). Through it all, you’ll gain valuable job experience and meet lots of new people to add to your contacts list.

In search of work in the Atlanta area?

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