How to recruit faster with external help

If you’re in search of new workers, you may assume it’s easiest to handle it on your own. It stands to reason that if you have a bunch of candidates from which to choose, you’ll be able to find the one best-matched to your job opening.

But what happens when it’s time to review applications, contact applicants, and conduct interviews? It’s an exhausting process. And when you’re sifting through piles of pretty-good candidates, you may start to wish you had a shorter pile of very good candidates. Fewer higher qualified candidates make less work on your end.

This is the value of your recruiter.

Three Ways a Recruiter Makes Hiring Faster and Easier

In addition to a more direct and focused list of highly qualified matches, a recruiter offers you the following value in your candidate search:

Shorter Time to Hire and Onboard

As mentioned above, the hiring process can be time-consuming. A recruiter helps cut your time way down through better matches. But your recruiter can also handle some, most or all of the candidate search, hiring and onboarding process—it just depends on what services they offer. Check with your staffing agency to learn more.

Fewer Lost Candidates

You don’t want the “good ones” to get away as they’re quickly scooped up by your competitors. Your recruiter has the inside edge on both active and passive candidates and will help you ensure you’re not missing out on valuable hiring opportunities.

Fewer Costs Incurred

It seems counter-intuitive that hiring someone could save you money. But your time IS money. When you find an efficient hiring solution, lost labor costs far exceed staffing expenses.

In Search of a Staffing Agency to Partner With?

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