Three Common Myths about Working with a Staffing Firm

Staffing agencies are experts at what they do! They have the experience, skills and knowledge to help fit your company with highly qualified, best-fit workers. Since client relationships are their livelihood, staffing firms stake their reputations on the quality of the employees with which they provide their customers. Still, many myths abound in the working world surrounding what it’s like to work with a staffing firm. These simply are not true, and here’s why.

Myth #1: Staffing firms provide unqualified, temporary workers.

The truth is, in addition to temporary staff, staffing firms also provide temp-to-hire workers (if you prefer to “test the waters” before hiring) or full-time staff. Your recruiter will work with you to address the unique staffing challenges faced by your business, and recommend the right level of employment to meet your needs. In addition, staffing firms draw from a deep pool of talent, so they’ll be sure to fit you with candidates that have the qualifications required to fill an open position.

Myth #2: It’s expensive to work with a staffing firm.

As with any valuable service, staffing is provided for a fee. However, in comparison to the expense of advertising, interviewing, screening and onboarding a new hire on your own, working with a staffing firm is an efficient, cost-effective solution. Not to mention, staffing agencies have access to a larger database of candidates, so you’ll find the perfect person for the job much easier than you would posting on job boards and other career-related websites.

Myth #3: You can’t find middle- or senior-level staff through a staffing service.

In fact, you can. Staffing firms offer a full scope of qualified candidates, depending on your business need. Also, most staffing agencies specialize in a particular industry segment, so they’ll have a clear understanding of the skills and experience required by a professional in your field.

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If you are an employer in needing of staff supplementation, a staffing partner is a wise investment in the future of your company. Save yourself time, money and the hassle of locating new hires, and leave it to the experts. You’ll benefit from a full, productive workforce.

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