An Inside Look at Decatur, Georgia

From 2010 to the present, the rate of unemployment has been decreasing in Dacatur, Georgia. This is good news for working professionals in any one of a number of industries. Major industries in Decatur include scientific and technical services, education, healthcare and social assistance, manufacturing, retail, information technology and food service. Common occupations from 2007–2011 included computer specialists, managers, lawyers, sales people, teachers, media and communications workers, artists and designers.

The job market is holding strong in Decatur. Like the rest of Georgia’s largest counties, from 2011–2012, DeKalb experienced a weekly wage increase (4.4 percent). This was comparable to the national wage increase during that same time period (4.7 percent).  Workers in DeKalb County earn a comfortable living, as well. In December 2012, the average weekly wage was $1,026.

Commuting to and from work is a breeze in Decatur. Though most workers commute in their own cars, Decatur has three public transportation stations, with access to the MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) bus, subway and streetcar system. You won’t spend much time in traffic, either. The largest percentage of workers in Decatur has a commute that is 10–30 minutes long.

Life is not all work! When you feel like relaxing, Decatur offers a wide range of things to do, including more than 200 attractions, including restaurants, galleries and boutiques. During the year, you can attend a full calendar of festivals, concerts and other events. Grab a drink at the #5 Brew Pub or attend an annual craft beer or wine festival. Visit Stone Mountain Park, the DeKalb Farmers’ Market, Eddie’s Attic (a concert venue) or Watershed Restaurant (a famous dining locale). In Decatur, you won’t be bored.

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