Career Transition Tips for Atlanta Professionals

Looking for a career change? If you’re a mid-career professional, you may be looking for something new and different. Also, in today’s economy, you may have suffered a layoff or setback. If this is the case, a new career path may be just the thing for you.

Before you embark on the road towards a successful new future, consider that a career change in your 50s is different from a career change in your 30s. For example, you might not want to completely change the field you’re in. This would likely require you to return to school to gain the education you’ll need to qualify for a new job. For a middle-aged professional, you may find it easier to use a different technique.

Choosing your next career move
If you’re in the middle of your career and need a change, you’ll want to apply what you already know to your new career choice. The key is to keep on “doing what you’re doing’” but in a different way.

Consider the following:

  • How can you apply your current skill set to a different setting?
    For example, if you’re a nurse who has worked in a hospital for most of your career, why not branch out and work on your own as a home health nurse? Or transition to a position as an elementary school nurse?
  • Can your experience be transferred to a different industry?
    Continuing with the nurse example, you might also consider picking up your teacher’s certification to educate others about the nursing field. Does a local college need instructors who can lead healthcare students in their clinical rotations? In what ways could you apply your career experience?
  • Can you combine several of your skills to create new opportunities?
    Other than the job for which you’ve been educated or trained, do you have other talents? If you’re a nurse who also has strong writing skills, you could freelance by writing articles for nursing journals. Think outside the box for ways to combine your natural or acquired skills.
  • Still unsure? Make a list of your strengths and accomplishments.
    What have you accomplished throughout your career? What has made you the most proud, or gave you the most satisfaction? Allow yourself to daydream a bit about new settings or positions in which you could see yourself. Be creative. Where can your skills take you? Where would you like to go?

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